About us

Our Company pays special attention to observing the norms of business communication and the requirements of the authorities and, especially, the guidance documents of the National Bank of Hungary (MNB, by the Hungarian abbreviation), the Hungarian National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (NAIH, by the Hungarian abbreviation) and GDPR regulations


Our Mission
All successful contacts with the Debtor take us closer to solving the problem which, in practical terms, means a debt on part of the Debtor and receivables on part of our Principals.
We fulfil the requests of our Principals without delay, but give due consideration to the reasonable requests of the Debtors, too.
We are fair with everyone.
We adapt ourselves to the changing legal environment.



Our values are:
  • Reliability
  • Transparency of the activities
  • rapidity
  • flexibility
  • vocational experiences
  • knowledge of the market
  • fairness
  • following the changes in the legal environment
  • continuous technological development



Quality Policy
A thorough revision and clear understanding of the requests and problems of our existing clients and future partners and offering to them the solution that is most advantageous for them.  The methodology used by professionals engaged in the development of this solution has evolved as a result of long lasting cooperation between our experts, the application of a collection technology covering all stages, and their continuous training. If we commit a mistake, we analyse it and we incorporate the findings into our methodology.