Information to debtors

The fundamental principles of our operation are determined by Recommendation 2/2019. (II.13.) of the National Bank of Hungary regarding debt management activities vis-á-vis consumers:

Our company attempts to establish good relations with the debtors and refrains from all activities that would spoil the reputation of our principal. Our colleagues shall always act with the care and consciousness as may be expected, e.g., they shall examine the identity of the person with whom they interact with the care and consciousness as may expected from them, so that the furnishing of information to unauthorized third persons could be avoided. Every step we make shall be in strict observance of the statutory provisions and ethical norms in force. We shall handle all data we may come in possession of confidentially and shall record any new data only if the data subject has specifically agreed to it and with the purpose limitation principle observed. We shall never cross the limits allowed for the lawful management of claims and shall avoid even its resemblance.

Fair and cooperative attitude
Creditforte Kft. pursues its activity within the limits of good faith and fair attitude, complying with the purpose limitation and necessity principles, cooperating with the debtors and refraining from all deceptive and aggressive attitudes.
Principle of professionalism and cautiousness
When establishing and maintaining contacts with the debtors our colleagues  shall always proceed circumspectly, observing the applicable statutory provisions selecting and applying the tools to enforce the claim after due consideration  of the circumstances.
Supplying the required information
We shall furnish the obligors with all such information as may be necessary for settling their debts or terminating the procedure. We shall pay special attention to informing the clients of the rules regulating the protection of clients and legal remedy.
Principle of graduality
When enforcing claims our company shall use the tools available for this purpose according to the principle of graduality, taking into consideration the amount owed, the ability and the willingness of the obligor to cooperate. We classify a collection process a failure if we cannot enter into an agreement with the debtor-obligor. In this case we recommend enforcing the claim by the help of a legal action
Creditforte Kft. establishes internal procedure for entering into and keeping in contact with the debtor, keeping records of claims and managing complaints. When proceeding, we shall comply with the rules of these procedures. When elaborating our internal procedural rules, our company took into consideration the principles in Sections 2.1 through 2.4. of Recommendation 2/2019. (II.13.) of the National Bank of Hungary regarding the management of claims vis-á-vis customers and, thereby, has also secured compliance with them