Experiences in the branch
Taken our broad and divergent experiences in the branch, we recommend you to ask for a tailor-made offer and cooperation plan.
Please, contact our office so that we could help to reduce your outstanding receivables and increase your income thereby without preliminary investments!

Insurance branch
The experts of Creditforte Kft. are among the best in enforcing claims under insurance contracts:
  • compulsory liability insurance
  • accident tax
  • uncovered period fees
  • vocational liability insurance
  • property insurances (branch-based insurances: home, agricultural, comprehensive insurance)
  • regress
  • reversing agents’ commission.
Bank and financial sector
Thanks to its experiences in the sector Creditforte Kft.  conveniently manages debts that arise in the bank and financial spheres. All of our experts have official vocational examinations as intermediaries of financial services and our established still flexible work processes ensure efficient and high-quality work. Be it about the management of claims under valid or terminated contracts, the expertise of our colleagues is undisputed in both cases in the following fields:
  • retail credits secured or unsecured
  • personal loans
  • credit cards
  • running account credit
  • loans to micro-enterprises
Public utilities
We have near a decade-long experience of collecting public utilities fees. We have an extensive knowledge of the types of arrears and the reasons for their emergence, therefore, we can be a competent partner in assessing complaints. Whenever we have cooperated with public utilities services providers the results were outstanding. Utilities types we have dealt with so far:
  • electricity
  • water and
  • gas supply.
Thanks to our experiences, well-established and proven work processes, team of highly trained professionals and infrastructure, we can manage a large volume of cases simultaneously. Our case managers have an excellent knowledge of the legal issues, and questions in the sphere of customer services specific for the given branch and these two are a good guarantee for an efficient collection process and for making the client willing to cooperate.
The accrual of debts from telecommunication services is not a rare phenomenon. In many of the cases, arrears are not paid despite of the sound internal processes, the ordering of collection still in an early stage, the introduction of measures prior to and, then, the actual limitation of use,. In a case like this, the use of another type of work process, namely, the involvement of an independent third party debt manager and the reshaping of the collection strategy can provide a viable solution. The experiences gathered by Creditforte Kft. in the collection of unpaid bills for telecommunication services can be of great help. Areas where we were busy are:
  • landline telephone services
  • arrears from mobile
  • arrears in the payment for IPTV services
  • internet
  • fees for equipment or for their use
  • management of penalties and arrears from the termination of declarations of commitments to a given services provider to use its services for a specific period of time.
Debts between companies on the account of invoices unpaid
The most important goal of Creditforte Kft. is to reduce intercompany debts. Despite of the diversity of the B2B segment we flexibly adapt ourselves to the requests of Principals, yet there are no two identical Partners and there are no identical requests or requirements, either. We have adapted ourselves to these diverse requirements and, as a result, our Partners are satisfied with our services and avail themselves of them again and again. Our partners are engaged, among others, in the following activities:
  • leasing
  • transporting, courier services
  • media and advertising activities
  • agriculture
  • retail- and wholesale trade