Rendering a high quality, really outstanding performance we offer and implement tailor-made complete collection processes easy to handle. Should you be interested in our services please visit the  menu point under which you will find a detailed description of the options offered by Creditforte Kft. Naturally, we also accept special assignments when our consultants shall help you in elaborating the most suitable collection process.
For us the term „partnership” means that we undertake responsibility together with our Principals, and whenever needed, we adjust ourselves to the changing requirements. Observing the continuous changes in the legal environment we tune our established processes to the newly emerging needs and, simultaneously, we test all newer and newer technological opportunities that support permanent development and, thereby the growth of efficacy.
We exploit our strengths and capabilities in a constructive, targeted and cooperative way. In order to be able to perform our work expertly, we need the help of our Partners, so that we were aware of their internal processes and could integrally connect to them, as it is in this way that we can be the most successful.
For our collection services to be successful we pay a special attention to detail. Following a vocationally established methodology and increasing our resources dedicated to testing we try to meet the expectations our Partners set to us. We highly appreciate durable relations with our Partners. Based on their performances we regularly evaluate our suppliers, sub-contractors and commercial partners. During our activities we always pay attention to stable and profitable operation as the owners may expect from us.