Our services
Collection of debts using administrative measures, i.e., the writing of letters and e-mails of notice, brief text messages complying with the style, requests, branch and case types of the Principal, processing the responses and pursuing an intense debt collecting activity by phone.
Under separate cover we also provide to our Partners legal services ranging from cease and desist letters to launching execution or liquidation proceedings.
The provision of a contact centre service, which means receiving written requests, initiating, receiving and processing outgoing and incoming calls, implementation of campaign calls). The staff of our contact centre is flexibly tailored to executing our orders at any given point of time.
Why to choose CREDITFORTE?
You should choose us, because
  • we have the vocational experiences and skills to satisfy our Principals
  • we have all the technical conditions required to be able to focus on solutions and an efficient collection process
  • the only thing we deal with is the collection of debts, therefore, our Principals shall have the management and collection of their receivables in safe hands.
  • our pricing is cost-efficient
  • whatever we do shall always in compliance with the statutory provisions and ethical norms in force. We shall always care for avoiding even the semblance of infringing the law in connection with or during our debt management activities. We shall maximally refrain from violent and harassing attitudes and use our best efforts to reach within the limits afforded to us an agreement between the parties, and we always act exclusively in accordance with the instructions of our Principal
  • we never use secret numbers for calling clients as to be accessible and to settle the issues by joint agreement are important for us.

The cornerstones of our success are
  • the decade-long experiences we have in the debt collection sector
  • our desire to establish continuous and stabile cooperations
  • monitoring and evaluation of the satisfaction of both of our Partners and the Clients which guarantees that both parties are satisfied
  • stabile business background
  • a team of case managers selected according to strict procedures for whom training securing continuous development is ensured
  • steady, state-of-art professional IT development
  • a flexible and reliable customer service
  • transparent financial accounts
IT background
  • records of all cases are kept solely and exclusively electronically: all chronological antecedents, documents, outgoing and incoming letters that have been created during the case management period, as well as the audio recordings of phone conversations are available, and if our Principals so request, we can immediately place them at the Principals’ disposal
  • all activities we perform as part of the debt collection procedure are automatically saved, as in this way all what we do can be fully checked at any time.
  • in order to be able to work flexibly, we have set up our own debt collection software which has been developed taking into consideration the requests made by our Principals during our activities dating back to several decades
  • thanks to our outstanding vocational experiences and the automatic responses introduced we can make several processes more efficient (and cost-effective). However, we shall not reduce the role and importance of manual case management, either, whereby we shall secure a multiple control during case management and a highly professional work and procedure
  • thanks to our call centre software specialized in debt collection we can handle tens of thousands of cases simultaneously quickly and efficiently. According to the statutory provisions in force all conversations are recorded. It is an automated solution and no deviations are possible even upon special request
  • by the help of our own letter centre, we can provide the highest level of data protection  both during the generation and packing of letters: both operations are performed in our office premises under the strictest security regulation
  • our server is accommodated in an air-conditioned room with security access system
  • remote control, double check at the entry point(s) and night vision cameras.